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Our beautiful Jewish art calendar featuring an updated design will soon be printed
and mailed free of charge to approximately 3,000 Jewish households and businesses
in the Greater Burbank area. . We need your help to make this happen!


At this time of year I'm turning to you with a request to support our calendar campaign
with a donation:


Once again, we're offering the option to include the important dates of your family calendar
- birthdays, anniversaries and yartzeits. Each will appear on the actual date of occurrence
in our calendar for a donation of $36.00 per date.



For $36.00 include your family and/or business on the list of names saluting Chabad of Burbank
for 19 years of community service. (available on both the announcement and ad forms below)


There are also a variety of business ad opportunities


The colorful and informative Jewish Calendar will be viewed by potential customers
the whole year round, thus providing maximum return for your dollar.


Please support our Jewish Calendar, which in turn supports Chabad and enables us to continue
serving the Jewish Community of the Greater Burbank area.


Calendar deadline August 12th


I hope I can count on your participation this year and I look forward to receiving your positive response. Please take 60 seconds and click here to submit your kind donation.


Please click here to place a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or Yahrtzeit Announcement


Please click here to place a Business Ad


Please click here to view sample Ads, Announcements and pricing

If you have any questions, please contact my directly@ or 818-954-0070.




Rabbi Shmuly


We value your support - thank you!