Celebrate the Greatest Gift
G‑d has ever given Mankind

Sunday  May 20th at 11:00 am 

Hear the Ten Commandments


Followed by a full Delicious Dairy Lunch

For Dessert, Make your own SUNDAE

No Charge. All are Welcome


Shavuot Services, Dates & Times



Saturday Night May19th (1st Night of Shavuos)


Light Candles after 8:33pm 

Mincha Services 7:30pm 

Evening Services: 8:30pm

All Night Learning: 11:45pm at Chabad


Sunday May 20th (1st Day of Shavuos)


Morning Services: 10:00am

Reading of the 10 Commandments: 11:00am

Followed by a delicious dairy lunch

Evening Services: 7:30pm

Light Candles after 8:34pm


Monday May 21st (2nd Day of Shavuos)


Morning Services: 10:00am

Yizkor Services: 11:30am